3:32am thoughts

Everything is so qualitated that if you don’t keep up with the jones you’ll be diverged into being mandated. Foreign exchanges are sold for your ignorance thats being taken on the behalf of you fools. Forced into subordinate roles not knowing a blues clue.
step out of your comfort zone so u can realize the madness of fela kuti or Angela Davis. Roads can’t be seen if your running shoes ain’t prepared for marathon races. 
us folk taking on obstinated ideologies not leaving them room to grow. Guess we gotta blame the white man and forget about preachers word last sunday on what u reap is what u sow. We can keep that too on the low.
We throw out the idea of being impressionable for our own selfish reasons. Having our critical thinking minds dismantled by reality tv and retweets you didn’t find to pleasing. I have no room to talk we all guilty but do understand your sanity is worth self preserving. with that being said sky is for the limitless who believe in their whole self that’s willing to be a higher serving.
Nothing last forever but everything will be well deserving. 
Let’s be little solders of heron while grooving to Coltrane. Let’s manipulate the system for our grand moms in geriatric homes and that 10 day shutoff notice on the dresser stand. Grab my hand.

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