Can’t remember what was said…

Can’t remember what was said in church this morning but I’m pretty sure I can’t understand the reasoning behind the presence of ur life in mine.
I need to clean my mat.
Sins repeated with you are shameful and vile.
Twice the strife.
This affliction is love?
Assumptions are wildly spontaneous but we use them for batting practice. Late night and early morning quarrels…
As Nakamarra plays in the background…
And the laughing and love commence when we’re sober.
Then we take a shot…
And it’s all out the window once again…
Consciousness isn’t subjective yet you love to go tick for tack with me.
Where do we go from here?
I’m drained in a drowning pool full of cement that keeps me coming back to u.
Confliction brings confusion in which communication is uncommunicative.
Oh now i remember the preachers word for today.
Remove ur mat.
38 years of infirmity cannot consume me but excuses are monuments of nothingness.
Pleasantries will digress me and this pain will eventually kill me.
We’re these rock stars hiding our hurtful past that taught us we weren’t deserving of a childhood.
yet inflict the very lessons we are trying so desperately to escape, on each other.
i guess everything comes in full circle and I guess I was meant to love you.
Or not.
Who fucking knows.
I’m still trying to remember what the minister said this morning….


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