Dim the Christmas lights


Your beauty and all its allies can go ahead and break my heart if that is your intention or rather bad judgment call….but either way I’m gone.
Have long gone to live on Pluto but some say it’s no longer there so lemme try to actualize this.
Your Christmas lights brightens the innermost secrets I hold on for dear life. These same lights give my soul hands. As I hold your spirit as a present, you shimmy to my sha-shay. Ill twirl around our Christmas tree to have your lights simply watch me dance.
See, you take me to this universe that’s heavenly yet vile.
A little this and that.
My virtues are your very vices and just like that these same Christmas lights in your eyes are more serene but now became dim.
Yet and still your light in my life is beaming and inspiring the lost.
So now my newly fond disenchanted eyes are looking out of this window, trying to figure it all out.
…..or rather dying by each second…. rattling my mind as I fumble with a good enough excuse to justify why I would never leave you.
You’re hanging onto my very weakness and these Christmas lights are now my life’s melancholy.

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