Forever blue skies

forever bluuuuuue skiessss
Forever blue skies 
Is the reason why I feel so high…. 
…on life that is, regardless of the turmoil it brings…. 
…because every morning it opens a door…. 
Granted, it shuts one. Depending on the will of higher powers. 
But in my mind….doesn’t matter what, I’m in a state of mind…which 
have forever blue skies…. 
…Lord saved my sanity when I was weak, narrow minded, clueless, resentful, 
Biased, relayed upon, depressed, and guilty, ….when I only could 
See darkness, black shadows, cloudiness, coldness, hurt, and pain… 
….those blue skies were non-existent. My mind played tricks on me, my temple felt 
caged, I had trouble sleeping, heartache made me take a wild goose chase of the 
past and my soul was weary. 
Recovering addicts tend to fall back in the state of bad habits… 
Not me. I will forever NEVER feel and see darkness for the rest of my life. You ask why? 
Simple. Tomorrow will bring new mornings, new opportunities to start over, to have a chance to 
capture life’s beauty….. 
…… They say life is what you make it, why not make it to your best advantage while having the “sighhhhhhhhh” feeling in your soul while forever seeing blue skies? 
The ones who aren’t here with us anymore are, why can’t we resemble Heaven’s features through our characteristics of our soul on an everyday basis? Our blue skies? 
Life’s hard, yes. But quiet as kept, someone is going through worse. We are only given one life to LEAD. So 
Embrace it, feel it, enjoy it, be happy in it. 
There will be times in which it’s a (an) 
struggle, pain, affliction, sorrow, grind, tragedy, surprise, miracle, etc. 
These are just called season’s baby. 
Go through them while being high on them forever blue skies. 
why be deprived of your will to you get by? One word. Survive. (With a smile on your face of course!..)


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