Like a dummy…

Like a dummy, she’s on hold…
Like a dummy, she waits for him.
She offers her everything to the table
He brags about the tablecloth on it
She feels offended
He could care less.
Like a dummy, she receives no reply
He’s laughing with his friends as if she is no worry.
She feels ashamed.
She talks so highly of him.
Yet her tears are masked by the rain
He takes her for granted.
She takes herself for granted.
Self love is in order…
She sold herself short
He gladly took her offer
Now she feels nothing.
As if she knew this was going to happen
In which it did.
Female intuition is one hell of power
Yet she feels powerless.
Like a dummy, she is hanging on his every word
And like the beautiful charmer you are,
You allow her to imagine this feigned world.
Without putting yourself in it with her.
And like a dummy, she is still waiting for you to call….
As if she knew this could be the end.
Actions will always speak louder than words.
So she’ll go have fun.
She’ll no longer short change herself.
She might miss an amazing journey,
But refuses to see its destination.
Nothing is more peaceful than security.
You provide none.
Like a dummy, she cried last night.
You seem to not care.
Your not reaching out to her.
Like a dummy she looks at her phone and stare.
Vacant looks into space questioning herself where did she go wrong.
She sees clarity,
she now know he was the prototype.
And as beautiful as this was,
She knows being a dummy is like not having a backbone.
So she’ll have fortitude.
She’ll make it through.
You are beautiful.
Yet your a mirage
Thank you for allowing her to see
That your love is not for me…

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