my introversive perspective on this Gabby “Hair Thing….”

Today I missed the magnificently talented Gabrielle Douglas Olympic competition on Women’s Beam Final. Like the billions of online users, I simply googled it to see the results and video so I could be brought up to speed. To my uncanny surprise, I wasn’t even able to type the rest of “Gabby’s” name in the search engine to see that her hair is more than a trending topic. It is in fact an epidemic. To see so many negative articles on her beautiful mane infuriated me. Not quite understanding why this was relevant news in the first place, I know that her hair is a disillusion that African American women struggle with because of the trained behaviors that were taught. Our hair isn’t a societal norm which makes a great deal of us feel like we are at a disadvantage. I admire the beautiful and strong women out there who are natural and embrace the “rebellious” nature they are indulging in. They don’t go for that “European” texture a perm provides to feel more accepted into society. They’re the beautiful and disparate naturals who see what really matters, like following their dreams, like beautiful Gabby Douglas.
Digressfully, I found that this trendy journalism style not only made me feel extremely sad because while monastically secluded from the media in “The Village” in London, this disturbing piece of information found its way back to Gabby. This is the last thing she needs to be concerned about, but alarmingly revealed that this was in fact a great example of Stokely Carmichael’s coined term of “institutional racism.” This describes societal patterns that have the net effect of imposing oppressive or otherwise negative conditions against identifiable groups on the basis of race or ethnicity.
I typically believe if Gabby’s USA teammate Aly’s dark roots were a trending topic and her fellow peers discussed her necessary need for a “dye job” on twitter, I couldn’t help but wonder if this piece of information would have made it to USA today, Washington Post, or Yahoo and among many other mission stated credible sites they pride themselves to be. What about “tweets” discussing Michael Phelps’s uneven teeth? If perhaps that was a trending topic, would it be controversial? These examples are fallacious however only for critical thinking purposes. But a question that must be raised is: why exactly Gabby’s hair so newsworthy that it actually needed a statement from Gabby herself?
My point is this: She is in the Olympics representing the USA to her fullest capacity. Training vigorously to make dreams a realistic future for not only herself but girls everywhere desiring to follow her footsteps. Not only have she accomplished that, but additionally making history. Why, even in such a patriotic setting, do America constantly in your most wily yet brilliant fashion way remind the world that we aren’t nothing more than servants to you? As many “hits” these sites are getting simply because of the Olympics, it seems like this never-ending battle has grown in proportions for the world to speculate.
…..If they hadn’t already known, which causes for another blog at another time.
Just some thoughts…..

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