Reach for forever.

When u find the wholeness of yourself…..then you’ll know. 

I found mine in cape coast, Ghana.

The beautiful gift of life is that its so precious, that it’s mandated to live in pure bliss.
The joyous occasion of simply waking up in the morning and being blessed to see another day causes for a big celebration! It’s called time.

Those seconds, minutes, hours and days are for us to live our best lives….

..however at times its difficult to cherish because of perils such as society’s constraint to make you feel accountable, best dress lies bad energy tries to incorporate in your aura, and other areas that are replaceable.

…like a simple broken heart. 
….that cuts so deep….
You are not able to see clearly. 
….and it hurts so bad you become entirely self-less….

Now look up…. and try to touch a cloud, 
Let the sky be the direction of your path.

You’ll be reaching forever.


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