When intrinsic meets fear.

I never knew I could feel so empty yet so filled.
Like the tides that have different gravitational forces from the moon and sun is like the same with my emotions.
I gotta get my shit together because I can’t say sorry enough.
And i can’t stop being on the brink of tears until I come back into your strong embrace.

I don’t want stolen moments, I only want OUR moments yet I feel selfish for saying that…
Now I have no clue as to what to do.
I’m so weak I have to put on a front to be strong.
Men like you scare me.
Why did you come for my heart?
It’s only a hollow muscle that pumps blood with rhythmic contractions.
But it’s filled with the mere image of your face,
the way you make me feel whole, and the subtle fear of ever losing you.

I never felt like this before, I never knew this even existed.

What you teach me internally, I ensue.
And at this very moment I feel so sick, as if my world, or rather the world we created for each other is in vain when I’m not with you.

I feel lost and found.

I can only pray for the best for us. I can only imagine what I see our destiny being. I can only dream of us being one.

Then this archaic fear consumes me at night, yet faith resonates when your back next to my side.

Such conviction can of course bring so many contradictions along the way because we are human…
Things like wondering over those zealous eyes of yours that gives me this tingling feeling to my being…

And then i go for the jugular…

I assume yet that what’s making me lose. Why do I ruin love? Why must I be my own worse enemy?

That’s why I’m sad I guess, I dont want to lose the best thing I’ve ever had, and I’m distraught with my own emptiness until I’m back in your aura.

This is what love feels like for me.
Help me to know its ok to feel joy instead of pain.
Assist me with this tangible tell-tale heart that has a scarlet letter on it. Know and believe in us as I, you.
Make me feel safe to be ok with you….



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