This labyrinth of our faults

Your beauty and its allies destroy the mere subconscious I have set aside for you.
Full of nurturing, this keepsake you can always come back to
This treasure in which I found however was far from a lucid excursion.
Overseeing the reality of my very own tainted picture of happiness but yet question myself on why this hurts so damn bad.
Woe to the irony.
See..I’m a connoisseur of seeing the rue that was foreseed.
Such web of deception, some will call us the hopeless sinners, but I’ll say we were the meticulous little souls that want to constantly prove how much we love love.
All while when time recedes.
And maybe that’s just it…..the love we have isn’t for the purpose we came together for, maybe something deeper. These love actions or rather suspicious skeptic power chess moves we internally play have the outside world seeing is believing, knowing and achieving…..all while we are steering and reeling.
Such web of The deception we encounter is a beautiful and zealous one.
Maybe this has its shallow waters that we refuse to swim.
But it makes for one hell of a ride yet my feet are finally tired from this amusement park.
Like clockwork, here you come card starking your way back to this bliss so unknown to the public eye…
And my poor hand got me wanting to throw it in every time but I remain unfazed…great bluff face….
Only after hours…days….weeks of practicing in the mirror.
Staring at the hopelessness.
This labyrinth of our faults will be ever lasting
…and letting go of our ego will be the escape key…

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