Glad I took my brain with me…

My heart is in this tangled web of weaves that the inner most piece is still a thousand knots away.
Yet It has only untied for you.

But I took my brain with me.

You changed on me so quickly I did a rolling stop on my emotions.
You were my life’s high.
And now I’m in love.

But I took my brain with me.

You inspire the most thought provoking pleasure that was purpose instilled in me.
Yet you took that very same power and utilized it for reservedness to show your inability to show me how a real woman is suppose to be treated.

How scared was I of this too good to be true feeling.
And unfortunately it was….
and emotions just don’t lie.

So im glad I took my brain with me.

My sound integrity believed you weren’t what you say you were or rather what you lead me to be.
Your eyes dimmer when you now look at me.
I don’t understand it so in return, I turned my adoration off for you.
That tick for tack shit but I refuse to be oblivious for you.
I’m all that I need and more.
I will never expect even the least from you.

I guess I’m proud to say I took my brain with me.

This is nonetheless devastating to my soul.
I commence in crying every night as if its a ritual.
You’ll never know that however.
Doesn’t matter because quite frankly you don’t care moreover.
I thought I found it all and you dropped me off back to the beginning of this endeavor.

Suppression is hard but such is life.
Moving on only means a step in the direction of the journey God has provided for you.
My glass is half full.
May God bless you.
May God please bring you back to me.
I love you…
But this is so unfortunate.
So if this wasn’t meant to be,
At least I know now there is an aesthetic beauty out there for me.
An unconventional, inconvenient, can’t live without you kind of love that’s patiently awaiting my arrival.

I’m glad I took my brain with me.

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