Lovers missing option for the sake of intimacy.
Why must we forsake the very thing we see as destiny?
Is this just a sex thing or could this be what my gut says?
Or maybe its my over active imagination being indulged in normalcy…

I wanna love you to it’s core.
I want to show you I am able to be that beautiful woman you need and more.
But I’m holding back.
I can’t give you my all until I feel like its worth it,
Please don’t be just a lore…
Anyone can lay down with you and make beautiful love
But can you wake up knowing that you can be with that person forever?
Do you feel like that with me?
Or is this just a sex thing?

I don’t want this to end.
I do know I am perfectly capable of the incipient of the beauty we found in each other.
I just want to be beautiful in your eyes.
I want us to make music that is focus on dedication and pleasing .
Please keep my heart safe and take your time sweetie.

Are you with someone else right now?
Or should I be ashamed of the jealously I feel ingrained in me?
maybe its finally time to put a bandage on my painful past and simply act my age.
Lets end this war.
I won’t hurt you.
The only armor you’ll ever need with me is a pillow and your arms around me that keeps me safe.
Most importantly, realize you can’t be no one but yourself with me and because of that,
Dont save me, just stay beside me.

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