Today I felt the most provoking thing that was loneliness.
And now I wake from these deserted naps with a lack of brightness.
You keep me up at night yet you aren’t here to cradle me in ur arms.
So these naps are attempted shots into the void that become restless.
Im not mentally here and my heart is numb.
How could you so eloquently show me this wasn’t what we forecast?
How could you be done that fast?
Haven’t I shown u that beauty is within me and u can freely let go of your past?
How could you say such beautiful words and your actions be so denounced?
How could you hold me so close to your heart then bounce?
Why did I tell you things that weighs pounds on my soul but you equate it as an ounce?
Why did I even give you that ounce?
I’m screaming but there’s no sound.
You denied hearing me.
You surely do have your ways you wanted me to accept yet I’m almost ridiculed ever so gracefully by how my place looks, or how my appearance looks, or how my diction is sub par.
You looked me in my eyes to embrace my flaws and you left me knowing I wasn’t going far.
I guess it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
Your perception wasnt my reality however…
All I wanted was to be adrift in your sea of love…
Just wanted you to rely on me…
I want you to be my friend.
Not on your terms but our terms.
Selflessness brings forth prosperity…
Woe to this ironic tragedy that is taken place.
This multiplication of our love has left us subtracting the sum.
Your a nay sayer saying everything but they all add up to nothing.
And the way my heart feels at this present time is troubling.
I pray for my brother’s keeper because I’m on the verge of no return.
And only you can bring me by showing my heart something.
Don’t bring me empty, understand my empathy.
don’t be the illusion of a beautiful scenery…

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