Month: August 2013

Lost in my mind

…&& I have officially lost my mind.
This nigga got the hands of time,
Making my peacemaker utterly sublime.
Not quite sure if this is love or a crime,
But your tasty substance doesn’t need a lemon nor a lime
I’m intoxicated by your presence.
You asked me if I think of you…
Let me answer that in a couple of sentences::

‘My thoughts of you are there to drown the sea of frustration you ever feel,
I hope my hugs melt down your heart you signed and sealed
I pray my kisses give way to the fact that I will forever want you near’

No one will ever come close to the way you make me feel..
So invigorated…
So rejuvenating to my Mind I swear I can just fly
Question at hand is how could I still feel this strong about something that isn’t tangible right now?
Am I essentially losing my mind?
Maybe I like the way you blow me off,
Maybe I like how how you lied to me,
Maybe I love how you pay no attention to me…
I guess, if the finding of the facts are accurate, your just like me.

No more you.

We were so busy trying to save the world, we forgot to save ourselves.
The distortion of reality gravitated each other to one another
Yet it had a bookshelf life.
This was it.
This wasn’t it.
Tearing each other down as if we were going for Olympic gold medals to see who can destroy each other’s dignity first.
No love found here,
This is where the most weak play in battlefields.
Hence the reason why we used it for batting practice.
What we settle for we become accustomed to.
Your wise ways infiltrated some very cognitive manipulation.
And I never knew a human can make you feel so malleable… So vulnerable.
So gut punching that all you can do is just sit here and be drained by the words they describe you as.
Even the strong couldn’t impede on what you say to hit for jugular bonus points as merely mean.
So as I continue on this quest of life, I realize your not suppose to be here without providing strife.
See this happened twice and I refuse to feel what the third charm is like.
Comfortability has nothing to do with stability and your ticking bomb has left my brains spattered on this ceiling.
There’s nothing more I can think and do but knowing that I am able to move past you seems like a new adventure to do.
However deeply sadden by the past occurrences, so hurt I question every sweet lullaby you serenaded and I take on the dead weight of these anchor words you left here.
How could you be so smart and not have a soul?
I guess in life people choose one or the other…
I choose to live in harmony. I won’t let the anxiety of possibly being lonely hinder my future because I can simply move into a new venture.
Just by clicking my glass heels 3 times I’m there.
And your not here, such a release…a relief to no longer be a babysitter.
Taking on your vices as if I adopted them, no more sad questions to myself to know if you really care about me,
No more fighting,
No more headaches.
No more name calling,
No more you.

Where is my voice?

Alone in this cold world as I snuggled up against the concrete pavements we call a dog eat dog world.

Inches away from going crazy I see that my innate kind nature is something that is never heard.

Tired yet peddling forward but backwards thinking have me back where I started.

Where’s my mother?

Dependence is something not needed yet we all want to feel a little needed.

So why bother?

My impatience for this humanistic creed has left me on the bench as the 6 seed.

Tumbling down this pathetic roads we call our society, why must perception be the priority?

Humbling myself I know will get you far but not sticking up for what you believe in is like an act of larceny.

Where is my voice?

Lack of Readiness

Angelic but your wings were disguised.
Majestic but my dignity is not up for a runner up prize.
Telepathic but these useless conjunctions have taken over our destined life.
I desire to wave this white flag in my heart yet my mind is flashing these blinking red lights.
And Yield signs,
The vision was so clear yet my faith in you has lost it’s sight.
Tolerance, we welcomed it as we found the very essence of what makes the sparkle in our pupils bright.
Or maybe I’m just so gullible.
See my sub-conscience wants you so deep in me my body turns into the Mediterranean Sea.
But unfortunately my inceptive thoughts keep finding its way back to reality.
And I had to let go of your hand.
We both lied.
We aren’t ready.