Lost in my mind

…&& I have officially lost my mind.
This nigga got the hands of time,
Making my peacemaker utterly sublime.
Not quite sure if this is love or a crime,
But your tasty substance doesn’t need a lemon nor a lime
I’m intoxicated by your presence.
You asked me if I think of you…
Let me answer that in a couple of sentences::

‘My thoughts of you are there to drown the sea of frustration you ever feel,
I hope my hugs melt down your heart you signed and sealed
I pray my kisses give way to the fact that I will forever want you near’

No one will ever come close to the way you make me feel..
So invigorated…
So rejuvenating to my Mind I swear I can just fly
Question at hand is how could I still feel this strong about something that isn’t tangible right now?
Am I essentially losing my mind?
Maybe I like the way you blow me off,
Maybe I like how how you lied to me,
Maybe I love how you pay no attention to me…
I guess, if the finding of the facts are accurate, your just like me.


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