Yesterday I knew

Yesterday I realized I am in debited to you…
The realization of what true love feels like left this residue.
And since I was afraid, I didn’t know how severe this has struck me.
Now I’m left gazing at this moon seeing our memories we ensued.
As I ponder on how I can get past this during each passing day, somehow my eyes water on this pillow as my heart aches every single night.
I contemplated over a million ways for your arms to find its way back to holding me tight.
Then I realized we might can’t be saved.
So ill die until you revive me back into the light.
I hate that I made this into a mess, it’s all my fault.
I swear I wish I knew what I was doing before throwing salt.
I always believed those cliches were myths,
Until I knew… knew that our heart beat the same time we knew our thoughts.

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