The major leagues

Numb to the bullshit.
Numb to the hostility of my actions when you failed to lean on me like I wasn’t going to be there when life brings us to our knees.
How ashame of not believing…
As if we didn’t grow a rose from the concrete from our past living in our present and seeing our future.
How could you ever think I wouldn’t ride for you like a mechanical bull… I’ll hold on like the passion we both absorbed off each other
We can’t let this go…
I’ll beg you until you let me know…
Straight no chaser,
Space moons with the lasers.
Send me to hell or send me straight to the sky,
Each way I deserve your communication
You deserve my all, games or none, your choice… The ball is in your court.
It always have.
I just been playing the good sport
Too bad your in the major leagues.


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