No clue

I’m trying to figure out what I signed up for
Because I didn’t want to cause no harm
Your sweet words was the lure,
And the end result is my heart needs to mourn.

You have no clue what you did to me.
Your actions show that you have no love for me
How do you make me feel so free,
Then leave me to be?

Did you even see a future for us?
Or was I this play thing u felt compelled to lust?
How dare you request for trust,
When I’m alone looking at you being a happy family man somewhere else?

Karma is a bitch and you will see the raft of what she’ll do.
Don’t be mad when I pull a you on you.
See I’m fearfully and wonderfully made,
No ones sloppy seconds.
Maybe you’ll know that when you finally get a clue.

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