Such dichotomy…

The dichotomy of your beliefs
doesn’t really add up to me,
It ain’t like your kisses make me weak,
Or when you look at me I see the North Star leading us to freedom,
Or if I’m in love with the small things,
simple things like keeping yourself immaculately neat.
And how your so sweet,
That the chocolate you engulf in
Is just a treat…

Guess I’m a false dichotomy of how I view this.
Maybe I’m so angry I’m not your leading lady,
But having the supporting role,
We can only reminisce
On how I’m addicted to your forehead kiss.
Of how I lied to you saying I was ready for such a journey when I really wasn’t.
Guess Im just a mirror of you…
A dichotomy…
Such dichotomous views from 2 lost souls wanting to call a truce,
I’m not sure how you feel
But I feel lost.
Without you that is.
Such dichotomy….
We neither want to give up security for freedom and now we deserve neither.
Risk it all or risk either.
And as I fall deeper,
I know what I have to do,
Love it or leave it alone.

You continue to bottle up your feelings because trust isn’t build,
And I feel the same damn way.
Looking in the mirror I see how I have grown to love me,
And it was because of you.

It is however unfortunate,
That I was misguided by your dichotomous viewpoints.
Walking contradictions
that we don’t practice what we preach…
Let’s start practicing it with me.

I know there’s promise in tomorrow when you can see the shadows of the stars in the dead sea.

See faith is the key.

Why can’t you accept my situation when you want me to accept yours?
According to you,
Playing with hearts isn’t a nice thing to do.
And when that’s obviously true,
What the hell do you think it is that you do?

Such dichotomous ill- normalities going on,
As I lay here feeling fucking scorned.
I thought we could be each other’s escape,
What happened?
You listen to reply,
As I try to understand you.
Are you playing me?
Or am I just too naive to see what love means?

Through all of these neither and nors, this and that’s, right and wrongs,
I know what I know.
Yet your pop up discretionary sessions gives way to my softer side.

But it’s a cruel world.
No time to fall in love.
Time is money, safe guarding ourselves is the new ‘it’ thing to do.
Not taking the risks associated when you feel like you have found the one.
People make time for what they want though…
and I always wanted to know from you if that want was me.

Such dichotomy…

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