Month: January 2014

Thanks for the lesson

You taught me the essence of being a sweetheart.

Your now being sweet on someone new while I’m left here torn apart.

Thanks for the lesson.

Heaven sent

You make this life so easy.
We are just running breathlessly.
Our desire is deep but we past lust
from fleeing from the eternity people need comfort in
We’re infinite.
Our souls tongue kiss the skies we know this was heaven sent.

Because my friend, it’s rare.

As the stars hit the sky,
I find myself memorizing every sound of each bypassing car corner the street I reside on,
I also go out to look around to see any part of you in the miscellaneous crowds.
Why did you leave me alone like this?
What did I do so wrong to deserve this?
Are you feeling the same hurt I disguised myself in?
Where tears merely are an essence of the beautiful scent your surmounted in?
And as I touch my nose to see if my senses are indeed working, I can’t help but to wonder,
Why didn’t we foster that perfect rose?
To be picked out so badly out of the millions,
And escape in our world to freely run with each other.
As souls touched, just like ours clung to,
I wonder how us humans can ignore such a feeling.
That is what make us fools.
And as I grow older and wiser,
I now know to warmly welcome the likes of beautiful people like you.
Because my friend, it’s rare.

The impervious notion…

Frankly speaking, there is no recourse.
we continue to go with the flow, but
this feels lost.
No boundaries were put up,
And as a result, no standard was enforced.

I woke up realizing I yearn stability.
Yet the one I desire has this inability
He can’t show me how to be properly treated,
And I believe his past failed attempts are the causality.

I lay here dissecting the occurrences trying to articulate,
Then the smoke clears and I can firmly date
The last time I felt like this and I wasn’t saved from the sting it brought,
I was gently placed back on the bookshelf where a novelist could create.

You lay here telling me things I know aren’t congruent to my values.
Yet I yearn a love so deep a psychic couldn’t interpret it in eves bayou.
I need to hold on to my truths; my perception is my reality.
So in essence I have to finally throw in the towel.

There’s strength in knowing what you can and cannot put up with.
I cant have my offspring seeing mommy being treated like shit.
What example would I be then, they’ll just be another statistic.
I’m no ones fragmentation of being someone’s one/ tenth.

So smarter decisions must be forthright to what’s right.
And even though your a beautiful soul, I obviously lost sight,
As to why the reason the queen is here to protect her king.
Because the king know she’s here to keep things undeniably tight.

So it’s about that time to finally be crowned.
I can’t wait for your actions to catch up with your words that are loud.
My heart is designed to be soundproofed and it pumps the impervious notion that of a musician..
And the next gig is perhaps somewhere got of town.

I say that to say you mean well but I’m here to excel.
your indistinguishable punch lines are very hard to tell.
So let me know or please let me go,
Because baby if you can send me to heaven, why do I feel like hell?

Love is a motherfucker.

I want to dive in it,
But I forgot how to swim.
My faith was in our embrace,
Yet the reality is that she is with him.
Once was still lingers in my heart,
And his kisses birth my vim.

I’m confident in it…
But he lies.
And while I wait
I can’t stop the cries.
I don’t know what to do,
I look to him for answers.
There are no replies.
The risk is so rewarding
But the volatile state it’s in..
Is too scary for me to try.

So I lay here afraid.
I know I adore him.
But it seems like I’m feeling played.
I wanna fly,
Guess I have to take that first step…
Seeing things through,
I’m too fearful of what it will do.
Love is a motherfucker.