Month: February 2014

You have decorated me.

You decorated me as if I was an ornament then gently placed me back in the box when it was time to take me down.

You let me go just like that.

I’ll never be the same.

Never knew I can be so indebted to this pain eating away at the place I’m hiding.
I’m slipping away so quietly no one knows I’m walking around here dying.
I thought I knew better, but I ended up not knowing I was in love.
But you never know what you got until it’s gone and I’m left sighing.

Erroneous gasps of breaths I take looking up at our moon.
Reminiscing how it once was ours knowing we were flying there soon.
Seeing was believing and It was felt through our elongated hugs.
Lying here with your wings on my back feeling like a crazy fool.

How didn’t I not believe in us?
How could I have so little trust?
You were my knight in shinny armor and preceptor,
And I was the one you saw as the light even when it was dusk.

I’ll never be the same.

Trees are falling

The trees are falling just as I saw myself deep into your branches of lies.

Your love is made for the meek.

And I was seeking for help not knowing I was passing by a mirror.

But how could I ever give up when the soul was felt through these sun setting eye glasses you made me wear?

The moon is rising and the trees are falling.

The light.

Do you see the light?
Because I know the feeling of lost.
We can see what is prevalent
today, but it won’t necessarily be for tomorrow.

I saw the light.
Today I found out it’s ok to let go.
No matter how much it hurts.
No matter how much it inspired you.
Because If it hurts you so bad, why hold onto the illusion of
something that poses as the light?

Today, I found the freedom of freeing myself of that hurt.
Knowing I can move on seeing the mistakes I’ve made,
knowing I might never make it back to your heart,
I said to myself, it’s ok.
God is love and it will be what it will be.

I am the light.
You saw it, but you unfairly didn’t parallel it to a unconditional sight.
I didn’t know your love was conditional.
You said we will have issues, we will get scared, so why didn’t you stay when you knew one day we were gonna be there?
So the light moved me on.
Your the reason but you were a season.

I saw the light,
It’s in me.
Tomorrow is a new day.
And yesterday was a day you remain to stay there.
Today I realized I am the light.
Someone else saw it in me too.

Doing it wrong…

And just like that her heart aches,
the kind of ache that’s not associated with the cholesterol that attached to your arteries that triggers a heart attack.
No, she is speaking on the no longer feeling where you gave her a celestial high.
She falls short on her rim of controlling her uncontrollable feelings, and now is left with writing them on a notepad.
Head so filled with questions, but she can’t even find a pen.
She hates that you continuously win.
See you make her heart smile as if she believed in unicorns who once were black butterflies and giving hope to the hopeless sinners that maybe they can be the victors of the journey that is love.
Unfortunately one thing is for sure and two things for certain.
She picks the wrong men to love.