Month: March 2014

perhaps I will drown in your sea

Let’s make believe your deceiving foibles were forgiven so we can live peaceably again.

My austere character has backbend into an extremist when I hear from you.

You have escaped my destructive path of hurting myself.

I wanted to feel your pain so badly, I’ve falter myself to be a like minded mini me version of yourself.

Because the end result is that I will always love you. I put my all in this deep ocean yet I came up for air.


My heart is hidden behind his shadow.
His flaws….
I bathe in them to became his robot.
And his domain simply became my demeanor.
So none of my intentions were miscellaneously targeted….
I just loved you.

and what you say, I ate with my feet in my mouth.
See missing you is something I try to hide by running wild in attempt for you finding me.

But their was no recluse.

You exposed me, smiled at the heavens and ever so gently denounced your allegiance with me.

So I’ll sit in this dark that you loved so much and ponder on why I can’t find the light switch.

When love doesn’t love you back…

I’m high of the drug that was immobilized.
The insatiable desire to get the
proper equipment
And as I obtain the belt and needle, you commence in draining me.
You fill me up with your dystopia.

See you severed my ability to be weaned off of your narcotic.
and my behavior is erratic when I can’t even get a whiff of you.

So in this dark corner of the world I’m searching aimlessly for you but you are nowhere to be found.

You are my religion

When the breeze sets aside the most turbulent features in our hearts,
I come to the realization that I am here for the best part.
So this religion has me on my knees.
I put all questions that are inquired aside and freely set my fears apart.

You’re the religion I have subscribed to.
Making us the new it thing to do
In which we can do as we please,
Because the enlightenment we have encountered made us a light we can ensue.