Month: May 2014

Collective shadows

Maybe I’m merely collective shadows you see heading to the light…

But perhaps when you do get to your destination, you’ll see I’ve molded into your liking along the way…

Good morning

“I just wanna make you breakfast.
The best meal of my life
Where you can see me in this light
Seeing me how you first saw me
Show me again how I can be bright.”

I’m afraid.

I’m afraid you took my ability to continue on with life,
Memories consume displaced thoughts so I’m not able to imagine anything.
When looking up at the moon I think of the lunar stages you put me through.
I hop on my bike and I realize you made me free on this journey we have taken.
My stomach drop when I think I saw your shadow somewhere.
Meanwhile you painfully let me go, untied your shoe strings, and removed yourself anywhere I could possibly see you.
Words are words but words are only describing what words we use. Your words full of alchemy. My words full of ambiguity. Opposites attracted. I thought you felt my sense of loneliness simultaneously when I felt your need for security. I wish you never left me. My consequences for my inaction to be naked with you is that I’ll forever feel demeaned by the choice I’ve made. I just need a hug from you,
Something to sustain the fact that you did love me.