Durational recess

You Intellectual dickhead…

you left me for dead knowing fully well what you wanted and only gave me scraps of bread.

Why must I keep falling for your type?

Not realizing the pain that would be sufficed was on your part and not mine. Yet I take it all in as if I dived in you without a life jacket straight to the deep end so I can see what this could become.

However I tend to lose focus and started to get tired of the doggy paddle for you to even say you might like me back. I ended up asking for your extended time and some more of those butterfly engulfed kisses.
I asked for your full potential do you can step into it but you got so afraid of it.

Perhaps I should of deluged you in more compliments for you to realize I wanted to see the inside you. Instead of this person you chose to show me.
I wanted to so desperately uncover the beautiful you.
I wanted to be the one who wouldn’t never prejudge you,
The one who would unconditionally love you,
The one who would find favor in your flaws so I could find an excuse to hug you.

Yet you declined this.
So I must reassess my feelings during this durational recess.

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