Month: January 2015

One can only assume

I see stars and beautifully wrapped gift sets
And we all wish we can find that surest safe bet.
One can only assume,
That perhaps his actions showed u that he’s not ready just yet.

Emotionally scarred hearts who is our modern day empaths
The ones that aren’t afraid to swim pass sea level to see what God has
Yet one can only assume
So we tend to hide our star struck tears by our forced laughs.

Expectations are role calls we don’t necessarily like to follow
We fallibly live up to them because the words we had, we swallowed.
One can only assume,
That in truth we still try to chase them bc we know a deeper surface and n ur curiosity hangs off my halo.

See Inspiration is more inspiring when God placed two naked souls together to be explored.
How incredibly elicit can our minds roam if we decide to aesthetically run after each other’s lures.
Only one can assume,
That our passion could possibly be a benchmark of lovemaking where it saves who simply endure.

Live in this assumption where our adoration is stemmed
Being free is priceless if the price is not for the benefit of them
It’s only for us,
And one can only assume that we morph exponentially, as if you are me and I am him.

I miss you.

9:20pm eastern standard time and I miss you. 

And by miss, I mean to be enthralled in your inner peace in our quiet moments.

To be captivated by your sensory colloquiums of what you find a deep passion in,
missing your well thought out injectors followed by light hearted textures I can gently giggle about throughout my day.

I miss the way your hands are crossed behind the small of my back as you suck the supple part of my collarbone.

I miss how we can privately slip into a world of passion that we can creatively add to each time we see each other.

I understand how one can become attached. These reasons alone make me curious how only better this can get.

::I truly miss you.