In rotation 

Currently in rotation.You loving me and I’m loving him.

The wheels are turning, 

And nothing on it is getting reciprocated.

In this lifetime your not for me

In his life, I’m not for him.

Oh how these tables are turning,

Life is funny like this.

The same non reaction I give you

I receive it myself.

So in essence I feel your pain.

I just can’t be in your arms to console you.

There’s no chance for me to feel that empathy from the object of my affection.

So there you have it.

Emotions in rotation

Caring for those who don’t care back.

Not playing the cards we were dealt with,

Because we are too busy what hand the opponent has.

I’m starting to believe life is a game

The winner takes all

And while he wants to feel mine, I gracefully decline

Because I personally want to feel his heart beating next to mine.

But you personally want the same from someone else. 

The irony of this rotation.

We are all guilty of not settling for anything less than the best,

But the gamers play to win remember? 

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