Month: August 2015


Lets get to it 

Love is make believe fairy tales of your shiny prince in armor ready to rescue you from the cold world that chewed us out.
The same world who lied to us all along.

I dared myself to not play along,

And knew I deserved a king to stand tall with..

Yet no one was ready to go up for bat.

So I’m in the outfield waiting for the next home run.

It’s crazy how to feel so loving and feel so distant 
Maybe our kiss was our reminiscent.

Maybe your expressiveness that could match my boisterous love would meet in the middle and find a way so that our connection can manifest.

Let’s digress to breaking our walls down. 


Threesomes being these partnered off twosomes that third wheels are awkward enough to perform such a task to feel validated with their valise in their hand knowing there is an end user that will be victorious.
Knowing he may dream of her than you.Feeling like what you want to see build isn’t going to satisfy him.

So you must fade to black,

As any winehouse would say.

But what’s crazy is that this very feeling compels you to know something deeper.

What is he searching for?

Does selfishness indicate the very moral beliefs we don’t hold dear to?

(Don’t worry, I’ll wait.) 

I don’t want to justify, monopolize, or solidify standards.

Just realize if we allow ourselves to set ourselves free.

I mean reaaaaallllyyy free,

You’ll see you know what’s been missing this whole time?

It was this twosome

This beautiful covenant we can share with our offspring

That births a family.

That we can start over again.

To break tides Nd to make our own beautiful rules.

And so this threesome,
This three times threesome is what the 

situation is 

While my freaky side is all in,

I just don’t know for sure if you are all in it with me,

So my inner self can’t show you what the possibilities can be because you closed that out for me to see.

the yearning 

At the end of the day,I feel as though 

All I have to say

Is that closer is the way to birth

is a real truth we have innated in our 

own reasoning where it’s isolated.
Frozen for the public but it runs free.

When we are in solitude,

we only trust ourselves.

We fear other humans will transpose

that innerself, 

that little do we know, our intellect must follow asymptotic beliefs.
Following patterns of infinite possibilities.

The possibility of knowing you know

of eternity.

I’m willing to let go to find its way back.

You inspired me to do so.

Like a mini me version of you

Trying to figure out your flaws

So I can be your strength.
I only want you.

There’s nothing more to say

Even when you see meteoroids surpassing

the Kuiper belt I want you to know I won’t be Pluto,

I want to be your isotope.

Occupying that same place.

Stability you can always come home to.

Home will be here.
I yearn for your air.

The very thing that makes me free.

I fly in your arms.

I breathe as if it’s coming from my diaphragm.
Your so amazing.

I wish I can tell you these things to your face.

But I’m always being replaced,

so it’s me in the corner of that party people tend to ignore to follow through with.
Not thinking less of myself

But knowing fully aware I’m just different than most.

I have a genuine love.

It’ll never change, I want to know people 

feel complete knowing someone understands

Even when no one elses