Shifting worlds

The world has shifted.Some turbulence was predicted,The spirit of it foreseen,The connection of our union, Something feels uneasy.
The bottomless pit of my stomach keeps falling, where did this gravity come from? I thought we was riding high on love, why the sudden stop?
Did someone else catch your eye? Are you having trouble with something? Is a low frequency showing its demotic side? Is there something I can do to bring us back?
Remember I don’t mind being your savior.
The grumbling of the soul, the consent notion of worthiness, and for the very first time, I am deafly afraid of an any kind of end.
Or am I making this all up?
Could it be perhaps you need solitude to get strong enough to hold both of our broken souls?
This love is a permanent stain, It’s to not be rubbed off. How can you leave before it began? How could you break it after you repaired it again?
Please the highest see this through, the world has shaken, this gravitational pull, and I’ll truly die living if I cannot be the woman to be in love with you. 


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