Earth angels.

I gave tulum my tombstone thoughts and I continued to sought

thru the rubbish that keep my head hard and ass soft.

Never in a million years 400 of them was preparing me to be here…

In your arms I found what home I needed.

What I felt always was missing.

Since u are missing,

I am too…

Lost in a world who didn’t get the same treatment.

I was intertwined with an intimate being.

Too ahead of its time.

Our past lives kept us aligned with what separated us.

The plan is to give my heart to the world,

as you open my portal up to feel loved.

Non controlling,

yet protective over his young.

Free spirited I shall transform others as you have done me.

The universe has a place and timing for every energy,

So patiently I shall endure time,

Crying tears of happiness and remiss the sorrow of yearning.

I go into this world naked but self will was forcefully given to me so I’m learning.

Detoxification so I can finally see the teachings you’ve showed me.

A spirit came and repaired my life and i now know angels are here on earth.

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