And his substance became subdued.
I was essentially his too good to be true summer hues.
Now I’m left with these thousand and one articulated questions,
And wondering if I will lose.
These Robin hooks are cremated on bowing arrows,
As I hang off of your words like a peaks willow.
Your smile was ever so encouragingly,
that my best gestures were aligned with your soft lipped battered pillows.
Im ashamed, humiliated, captivated, and feel reiterated at the same time.
No song lyric in the world could describe how I ignored my presence of self for you.
I didn’t know what your meaning of love was,
And im now aware that I wasn’t that bright moon you solidified us of.

My sexy love

My rockstar, my mold, my competition, that glue that keep us hold. He’s my persistence that keeps the show on the road.
My determination, the reason y I smile, the lack of hate is the reason behind why we get by. My joy, my pain, he is my up, I’m his down, his beauty is so different, yet so clear that makes me cry.
Not tears of sorrow, but tears of happiness, just being around his stress-free aura are the reasons why I feel I’m so blessed.
His beauty shines through all of the turmoil that life shows us, and it says, “baby-girl, we’ll make it through”. I love him, he loves me, knowing and feeling something so strong brings a spark of jealously. But we don’t worry about that, because our love is like that, no matter how close or how far, you’ll still be my star. I can’t wait to settle down with my angel above, the reason why life worth living, I call this beauty my sexy luv.