Love at masterful heights

I came across a feeling so captivatingI came across a love so pure,

The innocence of resistance,the guilty pleasure of you.

I came across a love so involved.
Communication levels high and the Creator protecting our words.

The essence of letting your guard down is seen in your infinite eyes.

I came across an emotion so engulfed. I believe in the space that is provided for us to be ourselves.

This miraculously new feeling I never felt before, The same feeling I knew I needed my whole life.

So beloved. 
So streamlined,

So beautiful,

So free.

I came across you and these points I made doesn’t encapsulate the path I have found.

Trees are falling

The trees are falling just as I saw myself deep into your branches of lies.

Your love is made for the meek.

And I was seeking for help not knowing I was passing by a mirror.

But how could I ever give up when the soul was felt through these sun setting eye glasses you made me wear?

The moon is rising and the trees are falling.