Minding my hearts business

::I was just minding my hearts business and I realized I was wandering and somehow got lost in our moments.
You made love to my mind and left it outside for it to air dry though.
And now I have this new skill set of being patiently aware of the fact you love to live your life.
I can’t be mad at the fact you indulge in what we were called here to do. I can only be brave enough to do the same.
Because Interdependence is the ultimate bliss.

Feeling alive

Feeling alive again…

Like kneeling to God again.

Confessing my sin and asking to find no fault in my meticulous attempts to surpass a fool.

I’m feeling alive again.

Like fully knowing the sunset will arise again.

Like how we skip rocks in the lake…
Seeing what’s anew each puddle we had left behind.

Or running so seamlessly through the corn fields on a sunny day that kisses our lips…

I’m feeling alive again.