Lost in transition

Lost in transition as if my thoughts were transcending ,
They seem to be reminiscing about this one in particular
I can’t help remembering.
This phase or shall I clarify maze
Imbedded on the tip toes of my face.
So inversely related but opposites attracted and now I’m here to finish this race.
Your intellect arouses my curiosity as I find myself intoxicated by your lips.
I revel in your laughter, your wit, your energy, you rarely need a chair to sit.
And I believe this is meant.
I believe your here to prepare me for you.
I’ll be properly introduce to what being complete looks like without any what ifs, buts or who’s.
No questions will break us down like division, we solidify sums.
And as time propel us onward, I will eventually move up to be your one.
So I shall wait patiently for that day to come.