Self love

Loving thyself

Loving myself comes from within
God is love and that’s just it.
Doing everything through him that strengthens me…
When these days are straining and mean,
What I need is me to complete the inner confidence I don’t let people see…
I should proudly show the gifts I’m blessed with to this world.
Knowing I am all that I need, closing my eyes hanging on a cord
But opening my lids seeing I’m still in my own world
God bless my beautiful soul
I am fearfully and wonderfully made…
You will never leave me nor forsake me for which u said.
So I stand on edge of this mountain overlooking your works on this earth…
Then I fall, fall so deep in love with myself.
My God please make me your own image of you in me
Because Love is you.
And therefore love is in me.
So I am worth the wait.
I will put up with “things” just for complementary sake…
But I am already loved.
I am someone that will be discovered.
Until then, my beautiful temple shall be respectfully and
correctly covered.