The cause and effect.

Oh how did I forget to put the honey on the womb that was the atonement to your aliveness? Your spliced solace 

Combined like terms

And you get I.

With you it was a mistake gone right.

A cold case found 

A rebound

Rebooting the hard drive we thought it was the sound.

It was.

Our truths not told so it was heard in third parties,

Lowly is the man who has nobody.

Friends forever broken down,

passion ignited was the beginning of the end to a union that was suppose to last forever.

Our forever was momentarily infinite.

Parasites to the mental capacity to see beyond our way of thinking left us like this.

 Creative mind ceased,

Yet the memory keeps the juices flowing.

Finding love in a hopeless place put me in a position to be truly loved.

To know what it felt like.

Life ain’t so easy as they say 

And situations ain’t so stationary as envoys 

I was employed

To invite you to a branch of lighthearted comfort and familiarity.

You served as an editor of what Self worth meant to me,

I see the God in me,

All thanks to you.

Appreciation is an understatement 

I appreciate this current present.

To love and be loved so perfectly aligned 

I never could of dream of such sweetness.

The cause and effect. 

Going through the dark to see the light.

You made it all possible.

I thank you for your wisdom.


this flesh on my skin…. 

This flesh on my skin is the allure of the sins we digress to

Not to mention I’m fully aware

But his soft voice in my inner walls whisper gospels

The beauty of being found.

And I understand why we all feel lost 

You found everything you need
Yet you must suppress 

Yet you must digest 

But you must repress
That overwhelming feeling

we identify as love

Because options are invasive for him

Justifications are merely opinionated objections to let you know that “gem” isn’t mutual.
So you go back to your cubit corners 

to be as monotonous as you can

Because going outside of your own walls gets you nowhere

Or perhaps those walls are the unknown we didn’t realize existed.
See I’m just a girl searching for the truth.

And your lunar stages are all of my moons.

So I just want to be your orbit.
Seem my mind is blown when I found the reason why we live through our kiss.

So that flesh on my skin,

So chocolately and smooth,

That cold heart that touches mine when we take our clothes off,

Searching for our souls by each stroke we attempt to find the truth.

Searching for the answer by each hug we embrace ourselves in.
Yet we are dying of thirst.

We need to revive our past and the energy we placed our present in needs to be retrieved.  

That’s the essence of a glass of water.
But until then, we’ll figure it out.

Because this skin on my skin means I just relapse 

And I’m fully aware of it too…

In a matter of time

In a matter of time,
In all that I do know
Is that you called my bluff.
I just carry enough,
to cover up what I want.
And that want is you.
I miss our can’t live without
you kisses
And the joy in my stomachic bottom pit that left my heart open.
What if you can see my soul needing you by looking into my eyes?
Even so, I’ll always want my eyes to be beautiful for you.
I love you so damn much,
You have finally brought me to my knees.

The cries of horror

Can’t cry because tears are made for the incompetent
What once was isn’t
We act like strangers and I have no control over the wails that are simultaneously overwhelming.
In front of you I play the tough guy role,
However, underneath the womb lies vulnerability.
And I become stagnant.
Believing this will change and you’ll find your way back,
but you told me what time it is.
And the ground shakes.
This earthquake has demolish my soul.
I wish the death of favor on you.
I have harden my heart.
There’s so much tension between us, you can sharpen your saw.
My life is tirelessly moving forward with the heartache of a liar.
You lied to me.
You said we were soulmates.
No more sweet songs for me.
You have move on to the next.
And I lie in this blood of horror.


Today I felt the most provoking thing that was loneliness.
And now I wake from these deserted naps with a lack of brightness.
You keep me up at night yet you aren’t here to cradle me in ur arms.
So these naps are attempted shots into the void that become restless.
Im not mentally here and my heart is numb.
How could you so eloquently show me this wasn’t what we forecast?
How could you be done that fast?
Haven’t I shown u that beauty is within me and u can freely let go of your past?
How could you say such beautiful words and your actions be so denounced?
How could you hold me so close to your heart then bounce?
Why did I tell you things that weighs pounds on my soul but you equate it as an ounce?
Why did I even give you that ounce?
I’m screaming but there’s no sound.
You denied hearing me.
You surely do have your ways you wanted me to accept yet I’m almost ridiculed ever so gracefully by how my place looks, or how my appearance looks, or how my diction is sub par.
You looked me in my eyes to embrace my flaws and you left me knowing I wasn’t going far.
I guess it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
Your perception wasnt my reality however…
All I wanted was to be adrift in your sea of love…
Just wanted you to rely on me…
I want you to be my friend.
Not on your terms but our terms.
Selflessness brings forth prosperity…
Woe to this ironic tragedy that is taken place.
This multiplication of our love has left us subtracting the sum.
Your a nay sayer saying everything but they all add up to nothing.
And the way my heart feels at this present time is troubling.
I pray for my brother’s keeper because I’m on the verge of no return.
And only you can bring me by showing my heart something.
Don’t bring me empty, understand my empathy.
don’t be the illusion of a beautiful scenery…

This labyrinth of our faults

Your beauty and its allies destroy the mere subconscious I have set aside for you.
Full of nurturing, this keepsake you can always come back to
This treasure in which I found however was far from a lucid excursion.
Overseeing the reality of my very own tainted picture of happiness but yet question myself on why this hurts so damn bad.
Woe to the irony.
See..I’m a connoisseur of seeing the rue that was foreseed.
Such web of deception, some will call us the hopeless sinners, but I’ll say we were the meticulous little souls that want to constantly prove how much we love love.
All while when time recedes.
And maybe that’s just it…..the love we have isn’t for the purpose we came together for, maybe something deeper. These love actions or rather suspicious skeptic power chess moves we internally play have the outside world seeing is believing, knowing and achieving…..all while we are steering and reeling.
Such web of The deception we encounter is a beautiful and zealous one.
Maybe this has its shallow waters that we refuse to swim.
But it makes for one hell of a ride yet my feet are finally tired from this amusement park.
Like clockwork, here you come card starking your way back to this bliss so unknown to the public eye…
And my poor hand got me wanting to throw it in every time but I remain unfazed…great bluff face….
Only after hours…days….weeks of practicing in the mirror.
Staring at the hopelessness.
This labyrinth of our faults will be ever lasting
…and letting go of our ego will be the escape key…